The Afrogalactic Dream Factory

Concept & Direction: Catherine Henegan

The Afro Galactic Dream Factory is an afro techno vocal symphony, a mash-up of musical genres thrown into the bountiful void of outer space, the place of our future paradise regained, remixed, redreamed and relaunched.  The arkestra features:
Jimmy Rage on the mic, and whose scratches in ink and pixels will dance upon the screen Mr Sakitumi & the Grrrl duo supremo, known for their quirky and outer worldly audio-visual antics,
Masello Motana in her guise as Mercury
Bliksemstraal Interplanetary B-boy-rapper extraordinaire
Lee Thomson playing the trumpet & Ross MacDonald on the trombone
Souljah choral maestro Bongani Magatyana and The Mafrica Mbube Singers from Nyanga.
Additional music is provided by African hiphop producer Bamba Nazar and Buddha Supreme

Made Possible by The Dutch Performing Arts Fund (NFPK) & The City of Amsterdam
Sound kindly provided by Eastern Acoustics



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