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Afro Galactic Reviewed


The Afro Galactic Dream Factory


The Afro Galactic Dream Factory is an afro techno vocal symphony, a mash-up of musical genres thrown into the bountiful void of outer space, the place of our future paradise regained, remixed, redreamed and relaunched. All the way from the solar system, Jamaica, Amsterdam, the arkestra features Jimmy Rage on the mic, and whose scratches in ink and pixels will dance upon the screen, Mr Sakitumi & the Grrrl duo supremo, known for their quirky and outer worldly audio-visual antics, Masello Motana in her guise as Mercury, interplanetary B-boy-rapper extraordinaire Bliksemstraal, Lee Thomson playing the trumpet, Ross MacDonald on the trombone, souljah choral maestro Bongani Magatyana and The Mafrica Mbube Singers from Nyanga. Additional music is provided by African hiphop producer Bamba Nazar and Buddha Supreme.

The afronauts behind this initiative describe The Afro Galactic Dream Factory as a space time continuum; a journey through the ‘in-between’ worlds, places, locales, boroughs, cities, provinces, countries and continents. It is a living installation which shifts shape and form to embody poetry, performance, music and video, transporting the visitor to places between origins past and imagined futures.  “Our narratives are ethno spooky, voodoo digital, afro spiritual, visual medicinal, connecting alchemic like magic to the cosmos of imagined worlds with music as our guide.”

A Production of Catherine Henegan/The Glasshouse
Made Possible by The Dutch Performing Arts Fund (NFPK) & The City of Amsterdam
Sound kindly provided by Eastern Acoustics

The Afro Galactic Dream Factory

Photography by Niklas Zimmer

The Afro Galactic Dream Factory


The Afro Galactic Dream Factory

Photography by V van der Veinn

Afrikaaps in Concert @ Joule City

Photography by Ference Isaacs

Afrikaaps in Concert

The award-winning group Afrikaaps released their new EP with some of the hottest tracks off their album at Joule City (107 Longmarket Street, Cape Town) on Friday 28 and Saturday 29 December, 2012.

Afrikaaps headline a line up of top young South African talent under the musical direction of Jazz prodigy and SAMA nominee Kyle Shepherd. Collectively known as ‘Die Argitekbekke’ the ensemble features one of South Africa’s foremost Afrikaans rappers and poets, vernacular spectacular Jitsvinger, conscious songstress Blaq Pearl, b-boy rapper extraordinaire  Bliksemstraal, Cape Flats crooner, dancer and multi-talent Monox (Moenier Adams), ‘plakkerskamp poet’ and story teller Jethro Louw and South African hiphop legend Emile YX?. Also featuring Cape Town musicians Claude Cozens (drums) and Benjamin Jephta (bass). Directed by Catherine Henegan – made possible by The Glasshouse.

AFRIKAAPS in Concert December 2012

AGDF short film by Aryan Kaganof

21st century khoisan man in amsterdam 2011

The Glasshouse Presents 2009

Jitsvinger & Kyle Shepherd perform at THE GLASHOUSE PRESENTS at Theater Bellevue on 20 September 2009