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21st Century Khoisan man – Afrikaaps


Afrikaaps Documentary

Macbeth Promo

compiled and edited by Catherine Henegan

AGDF short film by Aryan Kaganof

21st century khoisan man in amsterdam 2011

NOISEWOMB Copenhagen 2010

Netfilmmakers’ exhibition invites artists to work with the idea of primal noise, an “ur”-noise, a noise from the womb. The exhibition is curated by Aryan Kaganof (ZA).

Read more about the exhibition & participants here

The Glasshouse Presents 2009

Jitsvinger & Kyle Shepherd perform at THE GLASHOUSE PRESENTS at Theater Bellevue on 20 September 2009

Afrikaaps is legal in amsterdam 2011

What kind of Mickery do we need now?

Andy Brown & The Storm – Zimbabwe 2009

Research trip forĀ a film: ‘uncle louis & the copperbelt cowboys’