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The Afro Galactic Dream Factory


The Afro Galactic Dream Factory is an afro techno vocal symphony, a mash-up of musical genres thrown into the bountiful void of outer space, the place of our future paradise regained, remixed, redreamed and relaunched. All the way from the solar system, Jamaica, Amsterdam, the arkestra features Jimmy Rage on the mic, and whose scratches in ink and pixels will dance upon the screen, Mr Sakitumi & the Grrrl duo supremo, known for their quirky and outer worldly audio-visual antics, Masello Motana in her guise as Mercury, interplanetary B-boy-rapper extraordinaire Bliksemstraal, Lee Thomson playing the trumpet, Ross MacDonald on the trombone, souljah choral maestro Bongani Magatyana and The Mafrica Mbube Singers from Nyanga. Additional music is provided by African hiphop producer Bamba Nazar and Buddha Supreme.

The afronauts behind this initiative describe The Afro Galactic Dream Factory as a space time continuum; a journey through the ‘in-between’ worlds, places, locales, boroughs, cities, provinces, countries and continents. It is a living installation which shifts shape and form to embody poetry, performance, music and video, transporting the visitor to places between origins past and imagined futures.  “Our narratives are ethno spooky, voodoo digital, afro spiritual, visual medicinal, connecting alchemic like magic to the cosmos of imagined worlds with music as our guide.”

A Production of Catherine Henegan/The Glasshouse
Made Possible by The Dutch Performing Arts Fund (NFPK) & The City of Amsterdam
Sound kindly provided by Eastern Acoustics

NOISEWOMB Copenhagen 2010

Netfilmmakers’ exhibition invites artists to work with the idea of primal noise, an “ur”-noise, a noise from the womb. The exhibition is curated by Aryan Kaganof (ZA).

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Lucidity – SMS Centraal Museum 2003

Virgins 2002

Virgins 2002

Virgins: The staging of the Artist as the work Itself

SMS Sanctuary Mental Space 2003

Peter ter Veer – Utrechts Nieuwsblad 2001

The Offering – Ritsaert ten Cate 1938-2008

A meditation by Ritsaert ten Cate
Made with Catherine Henegan and Erik Hobijn – May 2008

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The Loadshedders 2008

Video installation loop created for the LOADSHEDDING Exhibition in Johannesburg at the Kaross Gallery, curated by Brain Webber and Mary Holland.
Original footage shot by my grandfather Bill Mayne in the early 1960’s in South Africa.
Music composed by James Webb

May 2008

Load Shedding – an art exhibition

Black Box White Cube

BLACK BOX WHITE CUBE was a collaborative project between Catherine Henegan, Karen Lancel (Dutch visual artist), The Rembrant van Ryn Gallery and the students of The Market Theatre Laboratory in 1999.

Henegan & Lancel worked with students of the Market Theatre Laboratory to create a video installation which played with the idea of the white gallery space transforming into a darkend theatre space. The audience was virtual, the role of viewer transfomed into that of actor.

This project was presented at the Rembrand van Ryn Gallery which was housed in the building of The Market Theatre in Johannesburg – and was co-ordinated by Storm Janse Van Rensburg